37 Suprising Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide


hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an amazing cure-all, on par with apple cider vinegar. It’s a naturally occurring substance in the human body, and is composed of only water and oxygen making it completely natural and safe in the right dilution.

Hydrogen peroxide is simply a water atom with an extra oxygen atom attached to it with a single bond. Because of this it has an oxidising effect which kills bacteria and revitalises cells.

Hydrogen peroxide is an antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, germicide and will kill harmful bacteria such as salmonella, E. coli, and mold and mildew spores – especially when used in combination with vinegar.

A few important points:

1. SUPER IMPORTANT! Make sure you only buy 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide – not the kind in the brown bottle from the drug store. You then dilute the 35% solution down to 3% and use in any of the ways below.

2. How to dilute 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to a 3% solution

Mix 11 parts distilled water to 1 part 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. It’s very important to use distilled water to dilute the HP with, as water with fluoride or chlorine (which is in most tap water) will mess with the extra oxygen atom that makes HP so special.

3. Practical tip: Get yourself 3 – 5 spray bottles for different dilutions of hydrogen peroxide, and also one for vinegar. I recommend keeping a few spray bottles of 3% solution for cleaning and a bottle of 50/50 3% and water for other uses.

Where to buy 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide

Here are just 37 of the endless uses for hydrogen peroxide!


UPDATE: Thank you to reader Kaylee for bringing this to my attention. Even though internal use isn’t listed here in the uses for hydrogen peroxide, it’s a good place to let people interested in HP and it’s uses know about this. Please use extreme caution with any internal use, including the hydrogen peroxide cleanses that are becoming popular. Hydrogen peroxide is powerful stuff, and will release long held toxins in the body that you’re body will need to find a way to get rid of. If you have poor liver function or low ability to methylate this could cause problems. Coffee enemas are a great way to help the liver along with any cleanse you do. Like anything, too much of a good thing easily turns into a bad thing, and what works wonders for one person will not have the same effect on another.

1. General health improvement

According to Charlotte Gerson in The Gerson Therapy, “Oxygen therapies, including hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and ozone therapy, boost serum oxygen levels to revitalize normals cells while damaging viruses and other pathogens.” This means it is useful in treating cancer.

She then advises on how to use it: “It may be absorbed through the skin by bathing in it ( 4 to 5 pints of 3 percent H2O2 in a standard-size bathtub), applied topically, or insufflated rectally.”

The best way: Rub the 3% solution into your skin after a hot shower or bath, and it will be absorbed by the skin and go directly into the blood stream (as does every thing we put on our skin).

2. Heal the flu / cold

Lay down, pour a teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide into one ear. Leave it for 5 – 10 minutes, it will bubble and fizzle. Grab a towel, pop it up against your ear and drain it out – gently use a tissue to wipe the ear out. Repeat on the other ear.

3. Treat ear infections

5 drops of 3% H2O2 into the ear.

4. Cure foot fungus and athletes foot

For foot fungus, spray a mixture of 1 part 3% hydrogen peroxide to 1 part water onto toes and leave to dry. A foot bath 1 cup hydrogen peroxide will soften corns and calluses.

5. Poison remedy for pets

You can use hydrogen peroxide to cause immediate vomiting in pets if they swallow something poisonous like rat poison or chocolate in dogs.

6. Canker sores

Use as a mouthwash (info below) and heal them faster.

7. Sinus Infections

One tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide combined with 1 cup distilled water can be used as a nasal spray.

8. Treating Infections

Soak infected area for 5 – 10 minutes a day with a 3% solution. If the infection is on your body, boils for example, you can soak in a bathtub. Rinse off after. Some caution against this soaking and recommend only spraying on and rinsing – use common sense and caution.

Beauty & Personal Care

9. Hair Lightening

My favourite use! In a spray bottle, add 1 part 3% hydrogen peroxide and 1 part water. Spray onto towel dry hair after washing it and comb it through. It will bring out natural highlights in your hair.

10. Acne and blackheads

It clears up acne, and it also helps get rid of blackheads. I have found it also reduces the size of large pores. Use a cotton ball or finger tips to dab onto face or the problem spot.

11. Reduce stretch marks

There are murmurings around the internet that hydrogen peroxide can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. I will be trying this and give an update.

12. Mouthwash and breath freshener

It kills the bacteria that causes bad breath and halitosis. DO NOT do this if you have mercury fillings.

13. Teeth whitening

Use as above for mouthwash, hold for 10 minutes. Don’t swallow any, spit it out and rinse mouth out with water.

14. Toothpaste

Mix with baking soda to make a paste, and brush teeth as normal.

15. Clean your toothbrush

Dip in 3% hydrogen peroxide to sanitise your toothbrush.

16. Tooth aches

Hydrogen peroxide will help kill whatever is causing the infection. Swish in your mouth for 10 minutes, spit it out and rinse mouth out. I do this any time my wisdom teeth flare up. You can also add a few drops of Lugol’s iodine.

17. Remove ear wax

Spray/dip cotton earbud with hydrogen peroxide then use as normal.

18. Whiten finger nails

If your going for that french nail look, or you just find yourself with beet stained hand a little to often (guilty), soak in hydrogen peroxide, or spray onto nails.


19. Fruit and vegetable cleaner

It will kill any bacteria on the surface. It is also said to prolong the life of fruit and veg. You can use that spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide to spray vegetables, let them sit for a few minutes then rinse them and leave to dry. Or you can soak them in a sink/bowl with about 1/4 cup 3% hydrogen peroxide for half an hour, rinse and lay out to dry.

20. Clean cutting boards

It will kill any bacteria (even salmonella or E. coli) and will also remove any smells. Spray onto the board after washing.

21. Spray n’ wipe

Clean kitchen counter with a spray bottle of 3% solution, or put some on your cloth when you wipe the benches.

House hold Cleaning

Pro tip: Using both hydrogen peroxide and vinegar (separately – 2 different spray bottles) creates a more effective cleaning agent.

22. Clean bathroom

Keep a spray bottle in the bathroom to sanitise every surface – the shower, sink, bench, floors, bathtub and toilet.

23. Clean toilet

Combine 2 quarts / 2 litres of water with 1 cup 3% hydrogen peroxide and use a cloth to wipe solution over the toilet seat, use a brush to scrub the bowl. Leave the solution on the toilet for 30 minutes, then scrub again and wipe down. You could also spray and wipe off a vinegar solution before or after this for an extra clean finish.

24. Remove mildew and soap scum

For example, on shower curtains.

25. Mold and mildew

Use hydrogen peroxide on any area that you have a mold problem. Use in the shower to treat or prevent mold.

26. Glass & mirror cleaner

Doesn’t leave streaks. 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 3 parts water.

27. Whiten clothes & remove yellowing from age

Add one cup of hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach to a load of whites in the washing machine to whiten them.

28. Remove smell from towels

Add 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 cup vinegar to the washing machine and wash as normal.

29. Clean the refrigerator

Disinfect the refrigerator and get rid of any harmful bacteria.

30. Clean the dishwasher

Add 1/4 cup to the cycle.

31. Cleaning mouldy grout

Spray hydrogen peroxide on dry grout and tiles. Let it sit for a few hours then scrub with hot water.

32. Stain remover from clothes

H2O2 is good at removing blood, grass and wine stains. It works best on fresh stains so get to it quickly – and remember that blood stains set with hot water. It does have a bleaching, lightening effect so use with caution. For a blood stain, pour hydrogen peroxide onto the stain and let it sit for a minute, it will start to bubble. Then rub it and rinse with cold water. For other stains, dab a small amount onto the stain and then wash as normal.

33. Stain remover from carpet

Works well for dark stains on light carpet. It does have a bleaching, lightening effect so use with caution. Pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide onto the stain, then pour a small amount of water and dab dry with a cloth.

34. Clean humidifiers and steamers

Use 2 cups (1 pint) 3% hydrogen peroxide to 1 gallon water.

35. Clean pet toys and cages

It is non-toxic and antibacterial, making it perfect for this use.

36. Clean childrens toys

Depending on the type of toy, you could use any of the different methods mentioned above: soaking, spraying, wiping or washing to safely disinfect you childs toys.

37. Plants: improve root system and get rid of rotting

Mix 1 Tablespoon 3% hydrogen peroxide with 2 cups distilled water.

What do you use hydrogen peroxide for? Share your tips in the comments below!

Share this list with your friends and end the chemical-dependent madness.

Oh and make sure you save it to refer back to later 🙂

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4 comments on “37 Suprising Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

  1. I emailed Shae about my Mom’s experience with Hydrogen Peroxide and she has encouraged me to share a little of that story with her readers – we have no evidence that the HP played a part in my mom’s very sudden and rapid decline of health, but the timing seems too coincidental to dismiss and I just want to warn others to be cautious.

    In Jan of 2013, my mom read the book “The One Minute Cure” after someone in their Sunday school class, who had cancer, did this food grade hydrogen peroxide cleanse and had wonderful results from it. My mom is 63 and started this cleanse in March of 2013, then continued with a “maintenance” cleanse through August or September (from what we can make of her little calendar, which we found over Christmas). The cleanse seemed to help her lose weight, increase her energy levels, and all around she felt great. She’s always been one to read and research natural ways to improve our health and practiced many of these things before it was “cool” to do so. However, by mid summer, shortly after doing the HP cleanse and while still continuing the maintenance routine, we started to notice that she was forgetful, somewhat easily confused and had brain fog. We (my dad, sister, and myself) tried to dismiss some of these things as age related, but it soon became clear that something was seriously wrong. By September, we made an apt for an MRI, when nothing was found, she was recommended to a Psychiatrist to do some testing on her mental health. After a three hour analysis, she was diagnosed with early onset Dementia. By October, her motor skills were quickly changing, her gate, speech, reaction time…she was a private duty nurse and her patient’s family had noticed the same things we had and requested she no longer take their case, understandably so. At that point, we asked her to no longer drive as she was very slow and uneasy in reacting to other cars, and had begun to get lost in a city she’s driven in for years – it was all around very concerning. Months prior, she had been a vibrant, healthy woman.

    By Christmas her health had continued to digress so very rapidly, we didn’t have peace that we had the right diagnosis and while we had mentioned the cleanse to this first round of doctors, no one knew much about it and it was pretty easily dismissed. At the first of this year, 2014, we began looking into Alternative options and sought out a homepathic or herbalist. He tested my mom through reflexology (or at least that’s my best description of the testing) and quickly discovered that among other protozoa’s and things I don’t understand, she had Lyme’s disease and it seemed to have gotten past the blood brain barrier and into her brain. He wrote up a protocol and thought we would begin to see results in a few months. Despite our best efforts in sticking to this protocol, no improvements and rather a continued decline of health.

    By mid-march she was no longer able to stay on her own. My sister, dad, and myself all work full time (out of necessity) and were at a loss with what to do, thankfully the Lord provided and my cousin offered to come and be her caretaker as she was at a crossroads in her own life.

    In summary, she has been submitted to two different hospitals with MRI’s, cat scan, spinal tab, metabollic workup, you name it and they have likely tested her with it – still nothing conclusive. However, we live in TN and many doctors do not believe Lyme’s exist in the state of TN..odd, huh? We finally met a doctor who has studied both holistic healing and conventional medicine and after hearing the story we shared with him, he focused in on the HP cleanse and said it could have caused Methylation, which (to my best understanding) your methylation levels tells your liver to get rid of toxins, etc. After he tested my mom’s methylation, he found that she is missing 75% of her ability to methylate, meaning if this cleanse was a really good one and freed up a lot of toxins and free-radicals/particles, then they had no where to go and essentially went rampant in her body. Lyme’s is a disease that is often misdiagnosed as Parkinson, MS, Dementia, Alzheimers, etc. and can often lay dormant in your system with no side effects until a large stressor happens – could be a car accident, a divorce, going through depression, a bad fever, the flu, etc. which can then break down your body enough to let the Lyme’s take over. In my mom’s case, we believe it was the HP cleanse that broke down her body and let the Lyme’s take over. She then became somewhat of a sponge for all sorts of viruses that a healthy body would ward off.

    Today, she is completely bedridden (although we get her up daily and put her in a wheel chair), unable to communicate much with us, use the bathroom herself, feed herself, etc. It has been the very most heartbreaking and earth shattering thing my family has ever experienced. After seeing multiple doctors, both convention and holistic, in middle TN, KY, FL and reaching out to others online, we are still seeking for help for my mom, anything that might bring her back to us. We have not given up and are continuously praying for her healing.

    The hydrogen peroxide may be a wonderful thing for many people, but for someone like my mom who doesn’t methylate (not something we knew before this process, nor is it something that many doctors seem to know much about, or perhaps the hydrogen peroxide is what caused the methylation)… we think it may have played a big part in her rapid decline of health. So before you ingest or do a cleanse like this, do your research, perhaps seek a doctor, or maybe select another cleansing route.

    Sorry to leave such a very long post – but I felt compelled to share my story in hopes of preventing or helping someone else.

    • Wow Kaylee, thank you of sharing your powerful story…. and I do so hope your mum finds an answer! I don’t really know anything about hydrogen peroxide and so it’s a great article that Shae has written, but it’s so easy to jump on the bandwagon with any new cleanse so thank you for helping us to take a moment to truly consider things in that respect.

    • Some people get rid of their toxins through the organs. Some tend to loose more through the skin. Try hot steam rooms and sauna to purify her body. Probably her body indeed cleaned to fast. I have heard that fire type persons get rid of their toxins more easily though the skin. Pranayama is also a save way to remove toxins. You can ask a local yoga teacher which one is best for your mom. Good luck!

  2. Thank you Jo for the encouraging words! I agree, Shae’s article is great, and I think there are certainly many wonderful benefits to Hydrogen Peroxide! 🙂 While I don’t fault my mom for even a second, I do wish she’d have done a little more research before doing this cleanse, life might be very different for us today, although there’s no way to know that for sure!

    Blessings to you!

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