7 Reasons You Should Start Body Brushing Today

Body Brushing

Or as I like to call it – the five-minutes-a-day detox method that will supercharge your morning routine.

Body brushing is such a simple and quick method to detox, it’s a must-do in your morning routine. Body brushing is a one-off cost of around $5 (see below for where to buy one) and only takes 5 minutes, so theres no excuse not to do it!

This is an important part of my morning routine, which looks something like this at the moment: oil pulling, meditate for 20 minutes, yoga, coffee enema, body brush, shower, juice/breakfast. Since starting body brushing, I have noticed that it has reduced the appearance of stretch marks, make my skin softer, gotten rid of dry skin, and gotten rid of ingrown hairs.

Our skin is our largest and most important elimination organ, and when we detox some of the toxins will come through the skin, so body brushing is an effective way to help remove those. It also helps to get rid of dead skin cells. Trust me, your skin will look vibrant and alive after body brushing for a few days.

7 Amazing Benefits of Body Brushing

  1. Helps to get rid of ingrown hairs (those red bumps where you shave)
  2. May reduce the appearance of cellulite by breaking down the fat cells with stored toxins below the skin
  3. It is calming, relaxing and reduces stress
  4. Gets rid of dead skin cells and encourages new cell renewal
  5. Opens clogged pores to release stored toxins and help nutrient absorption
  6. Boosts blood circulation
  7. Gently brush over your armpits and groin area to activate the lymphatic system

And the bonus benefit: Self Love

Body Brushing is a great way to learn to love your body again. Years and years of looking in the mirror and saying “I hate my thighs” or “I hate that cellulite” really do take their toll on you mentally, even though you may not be conscious of it. Learn to start a new inner dialogue with your self, one that is kind, supportive, loving and finds the things you truly love about yourself.

As you brush, its a perfect time to repeat loving affirmations and say things you love about yourself. I like to find things I love about my body, and try not to focus on anything I don’t, or turn it into something positive. My favourite affirmation is:
I deeply love and accept myself.

Try body brushing and see the positive effects flow to the rest of your life.

Where to Buy a Body Brush

Make sure to buy a natural bristle brush. Most health food stores will stock them, or you could buy one online. I use this one from iHerb, and this one from Amazon also looks good.

How to Body Brush

  • Body Brush in the morning on dry skin, before you shower.
  • Begin at the feet and work your way to the heart in upwards motions. Avoid the breast area.
  • On the back, brush upwards.
  • You can brush your face in a circular motion.
  • Showering after is important to wash away any dead skin cells and toxic material.
  • Bonus points for moisturising with coconut oil after your shower!
  • Important: Don’t brush over sunburn, inflamed skin or skin cancers.

Cleaning Your Brush

Wash your brush once a week. A few drops of castile soap onto the bristles and use your hands to rub it around and create a lather, wash all the soap off under running water. Shake it to remove excess water, and hang somewhere to dry (I like to hang it on my towel rack).

That’s all there is to it! Easy peasy!

Have you tried body brushing before? Did you notice any benefits?

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4 comments on “7 Reasons You Should Start Body Brushing Today

  1. I love body brushing but most mornings, forget as I step into the shower :/

    Buuuuuuut I’ve come up with a good little way to not forget! Put up a post it note on my shower door 😀

    Problem solved!

  2. Great post…. I’m trying to get into the habit of ‘me time’ morning rituals including lemon water, oil pulling, stretching and body brushing. It’s a work in progress as some mornings I still wake up on too much of a rush to take the time to do it but I feel so go when i do. Must improve the work-life balance!

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