Classic Chocolate Milkshake

Ash and I watched the Apple keynote this morning (like we always do) and watched the new iPhone be announced. We love Apple keynotes, they really know how to do a product launch. Since the new iPhone has a taller screen than any of the previous ones, we are working on updating all our apps to the new screen size. This is as well as working on adding translations (and other minor updates) for Allergy Card, working on another health app (more on that later) and a few other apps Ash is doing. We are busy at the moment!

On to today’s recipe. This milkshake is so delicious! I’ve been making different versions of this for a long time now. I keep changing it, but I think I’ve found the perfect recipe. I make this quite often for dessert. A healthy dessert? Almonds, bananas, medjool datescacao – nothing bad here. And if your really feeling healthy, add in some probiotics and a handful of spinach – you won’t even know its there!

Classic Chocolate Thickshake
Vegan, raw, gluten free, soy free
  1. Throw everything in the blender and blend until smooth (I use a Vitamix). Taste and adjust.

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4 comments on “Classic Chocolate Milkshake

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  3. Absolutely superb. I know there are some excellent vegan recipes but this one will have you wondering if you blinked out for a second and added whole milk and a few eggs and chocolate ice cream mid blend! Lol

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