Coconut Oil Chocolate Bar (Basic Raw Choc Recipe // Raw + Vegan + Dairy-Free)

Raw Chocolate BarRemember the other day I told you Ash and I were fighting of a bacteria infection? Well I made us a batch of this chocolate that we munched on all week (okay I pretty much ate the whole thing to myself, Ash isn’t big on chocolate). Why? Because coconut oil is anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, making it the perfect food to be eating craploads of when your fighting off a bacteria infection, along with turmeric and any probiotic foods like homemade coconut yogurt and sauerkraut.

What better way to eat a ton of coconut oil than in a chocolate recipe! Plus you’ll be needing this basic chocolate recipe soon for something else 😉

In Living on the Vedge I have a recipe for basic raw chocolate using cacao butter, which I love. It has a more authentic chocolate taste, holds together a little better BUT it’s more expensive to make, and coconut oil offers a few more nutritional benefits.

This chocolate recipe is also an easier process, no melting required. You may need to melt the coconut oil if you live in a super cold climate, but here in Queensland, it’s winter and the coconut oil is still bloody liquid. Winter is my favourite time of year, but we only get about a week of it here. I think I need to move.

Some people swear that eating lots of coconut oil a day (I have heard 4 – 8 Tbsps) helps them lose weight, and this chocolate bar is the best way to eat that much (can you imagine swallowing that much coconut oil a day – I’m gagging just thinking about it). This is all anecdotal evidence though, and would likely work great for some people and not at all for others, but it could be worth giving it a try.

Raw Chocolate Bar

Not the prettiest chocolate bar in the world. Some would even call it ‘ugly’ or ‘crappy’, but I call it ‘homemade’ and ‘rustic’, so shut up. Plus I have no chocolate mold, and apparently they are impossible to find. So rustic it is!

This recipe is perfect to use in any raw dessert as the chocolate, or as a chocolate bar on it’s own as I have done here! It’s just begging to have you come up with some mix-ins and variations, so get your creative on! Here are a few ideas I love:

  • Gently swirl in some coconut nectar for little caramel pockets throughout – I did this one and it was INSANELY delicious. Use a little less sweetener in the main recipe on this one.
  • Chop up some medjool dates and throw them in.
  • Add goji berries, raspberries, desiccated coconut, cacao nibs, almonds or anything else your heart sings for!

You can experiment with your coconut oil/cacao/sweetener ratios; more cacao will be a darker bar, more sweetener will make a softer bar.

Coconut Oil Chocolate Bar (Basic Raw Choc Recipe Raw + Vegan + Dairy-Free)
Easy, raw coconut oil chocolate bar - 3 ingredients and 5 minutes to make!
  1. Grab a chocolate bar shaped container or chocolate mold.
  2. If you're setting the chocolate in a container, mix up the ingredients right there, if setting in a mold mix them in a bowl.
  3. If you're coconut oil is very hard, melt it in a double boiler. It needs to be soft enough that you can easily stir it with a spoon.
  4. Add the cacao powder to your container/bowl.
  5. Sift in the cacao powder and stir to thoroughly combine with the coconut oil.
  6. Lastly, add the sweetener and mix together. Add any mix-ins now.
  7. Smooth down the top with a spatula, or pour into your chocolate mold.
  8. Place in the freezer for several hours to set.

Later this week I’ll be sharing a simple dessert recipe using this chocolate, keep an eye out for that! 🙂

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13 comments on “Coconut Oil Chocolate Bar (Basic Raw Choc Recipe // Raw + Vegan + Dairy-Free)

  1. This looks amazing! Could you please confirm the measurement for the liquid sweetener? I cannot wait to try this.

    • Lol, it made me laugh out loud too but it’s not as satisfying when you’re laughing at your own joke – glad you found it funny too haha! 😛

  2. Sometimes the simplest of recipes is the best one no matter how it looks!.. I like it rustic by the way.. That’s what tells you that it’s not made by a machine!

    • You only need the coconut oil to be stir-able, not completely melted so it would never reach a high temp. Also do it at a low temp, or instead use boiling water if raw is a concern for you.

  3. Don’t know why, but it never occured to me that I could make my own chocolate! I love chocolate (understatement) and now I loooove the fact that I can make my own exactly the way I want it. Woohoo! Trust me, what seems like a no-brainer to you is a major revelation to those of us who can’t think outside the chocolate box ! ..LOL.. 😀 Thanks, Shae, you’re a true blessing.

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