Creamy Vegan Chowder

Last night I dreamt about waffles. Me chowing down on a giant stack of waffles with bananas and maple syrup. Now, this might not be such an odd thing, if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve never eaten waffles before in my life. I’m not even sure if you are supposed to eat maple syrup with waffles. You’re probably wondering how it is that I’ve never eaten waffles before. Well, waffles are just not popular at all here in Australia. We like pancakes and pikelets (tiny, fluffy pancakes). I think it would be pretty hard for me to get my hands on a waffle iron. So for now, my dream of eating waffles is just that, a dream. Sigh.

Enough about waffle dreams and onto last nights dinner…

Creamy Vegan Chowder by VeganDad

Last night for dinner I made this chowder soup. Ash hates cauliflower. I’ve made this before, but I don’t think he saw the cauliflower go in last time. The cauliflower makes this soup so creamy, and you can’t even taste it in the final product. Sneak in the veggies, indeed.

This recipe is so delicious and creamy.

Changes I Made:

  • Next time I would use veggie stock instead of water.
  • I added a bouillon cube.
  • Be sure to soak your cashews for at least 4 hours.

Click here to see the recipe.

Enjoy 🙂

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