How to Blanch Almonds (Remove the Skin) Photo Tutorial

How to Blanch Almonds

I’ve got a quick and easy tutorial for you guys today!

This is a valuable life skill.

Have you ever seen the price of blanch almonds at the store, and been filled with rage? Or have you ever spent over an hour trying to peel 1 cup of almonds, and once again been filled with rage?

I hope not, because I want you to live a happy life, filled with blanched almonds, but without rage.

Use blanch almonds for nut cheeses, sliced almonds, to make almond flour, or anything else you can think of!

Where to buy raw + organic almonds?

Almonds grown in the US are no longer raw, they are pasturised (heat treaded), sometimes with nasty chemicals! Make sure the almonds you buy are truly raw by checking the label for ‘Non Pasteurized’ – they can label them as raw even if they have been heat treated.

Australia: I buy raw organic almonds from my local Flannerys store or online from Honest to Goodness.

US: These almonds are organic & raw, imported from Italy!

1. Soak almonds for 8-12 hours, or overnight & rinse

Soak Overnight

2. Cover with boiling water for 1 minute

Boil the kettle, and pour boiling water over the almonds. Set a timer for 1 minute and then drain off the water.

Step 2

3. Drain, slip skin off between fingers (catch with your other hand!)

Grab an almond between your thumb and index and the skin will slip right off. Make sure you catch that little sucker in your other hand, or it will fly across the room, probably into someones eye.

Step 3

And there you have it – blanched almonds!

Or as I like to call them, naked almonds.

You can compost the skins, or throw them into smoothies.

From here, you can dehydrate the almonds (or use a low oven temp) and make blanched almond flour.

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