I got my DNA Gene Profile Done! See Results + My Thoughts Here

Gene Profile

No you can’t change the genes your given, BUT diet and lifestyle can change the way these genes are expressed.

This is powerful stuff. No longer do we need to think of diseases as inevitable because of our genetics.

About 5 weeks ago I was siting in my naturopaths office when she mentioned in passing that they do Gene Profiling. I almost fell out of my chair I was so excited. I had heard about this test and wanted to get it done, but didn’t know where to get it. I jumped at the chance to do it, a little cotton swab, $645 Aussie dollars and 5 weeks later I have the results in my hand!

My naturopath sat down with me and went through every gene they tested, what that meant for my health and the lifestyle and diet factors that will help turn on, off or up the genes for optimum health. I thought you guys might find the results interesting as well!

The genes they tested:

  1. Inflammation
  2. Cell Defence
  3. Cardiovascular Health
  4. Fat Metabolism and Cholesterol Regulation
  5. Vitamin D Metabolism

So… the results!


1. Inflammation

The genetic profile revealed I have an increased risk of inflammatory response, and I have many DNA markers for auto-immune diseases which explains the celiac disease. So I need to work on ‘turning off’ those inflammation genes. Here were a few of the recommendations:

  • Increase omega 3 by including flax seed oil, walnuts, olive oil and a fish oil supplement (I am using a vegan one), decrease omega 6 containing foods. I have since found out that marine phytoplankton may be a good alternative to deep sea fish for omega 3, including DHA – I am currently researching this further and will report back.
  • Increase cruciferous vegetables
  • Follow a Mediterranean style diet
  • Include a broad spectrum probiotic
  • Exercise
  • Reduce stress, get enough sleep

2. Cellular Defence

My gene profile showed that I have tendency for poor anti-oxidant production and increased risk of free radical damage. Free radicals cause oxidative stress which leads to cardiovascular disease, dementia, diabetes and cancer. This area explains why I am highly sensitive to smells like smoking, petrol and perfumes – I can’t stand these smells and when my liver was at its worst (just a short time ago) I would get really sick from any of these. Even though I’m not getting the headaches so much any more, I still have to avoid these toxins as much as possible for long term health (as we all should, really).
Recommendations for me:

  • Avoid sugar, stress, alcohol, smoking and environmental toxins.
  • Ensure adequate selenium levels (brazil nuts).
  • Small regular meals
  • Increase cruciferous vegetables, parsley, yellow and orange fruits and veggies.
  • Avoid prolonged, intense exercise


The liver has two phases of detoxification, and they both need to be working properly in order to safely get rid of toxins out of the body. Phase 1 is where toxins become damaging and free radicals are produced, and phase 2 take the toxins and safely excrete them out of the body. So its a bit of a problem if either your phase 1 or phase 2 doesn’t work properly. My gene profile shows that I have good phase 1 detoxification but phase 2 is a little sloppy. Dang!

Recommendations to help turn down phase 1 and turn up phase 2:

  • Grapefruit juice
  • Avoid caffeine, smoke, environmental toxins
  • Include parsley, turmeric, coriander, cumin, carrots, dill, parsnips and celery
  • Include watercress, turnips, Chinese cabbage, broccoli, broccoli sprouts, cauliflower, horseradish, onions, garlic, berries apricot

3. Cardiovascular Health

These genes showed that I have a tendency for reduced folate metabolism.

Recommendations for me:

  • Include high folate foods: green leafy vegetables, broccoli, brussel sprouts, spinach, peas, beans, asparagus and lentils
  • Include eggs and lecithin to increase choline required to help folate metabolism (I’m not sure what to do about the egg recommendation, still thinking about it)
  • Include beetroot, eggplant, silver beet, pistachio nuts
  • Avoid sulphur based additives eg preservative 220

My gene profile showed that I have a tendency for damage due to oxidative stress especially damage to blood vessels, increased risk of atherosclerosis and high blood pressure – very interested since I have actually had problems with low blood pressure many years ago.

Recommendations for me:

  • Limit sodium
  • Include dark chocolate, spirulina, ginger, spinach, celery, betroot, fish oil
  • Reduce stress
  • Avoid smoke
  • Eat small regular meals. Mediterranean diet recommended.
  • Exercise – power based training and aerobic exercise

4. Fat Metabolism and Cholesterol Regulation

The gene profile revealed that I have a tendency for fat metabolism issues – tendency for weight gain if I overeat and don’t exercise, tendency for fat storage, poor fat metabolism and a tendency for increased levels of cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and lower HDL (good cholesterol).

Recommendations for me:

  • Regular exercise
  • Limit fat and carbohydrate intake, but avoid calorie restricted diets
  • Avoid overeating – smaller portions
  • Include seaweeds + yellow and organic fruits and veggies
  • Reduce stress and alcohol

5. Vitamin D Metabolism

I have good a vitamin D receptor functioning! Hooray!

So, would I do it again or recommend it?

I think Gene Profiles are a great idea for anyone with health issues who can’t seem to get better and who can’t recognise what exactly is making them sick or what is helping (as was my problem). Knowing exactly what you need to do to be healthy on a genetic level takes out the guesswork, and will save you time and lots of money on supplements that won’t help you.

For example, it was recommended to me to eat sunflower seeds and large amounts of green tea, but my Gene Profile revealed that both those foods are not good for me at all because I should avoid the oils found in sunflower seeds (omega 6) and my body can’t handle digesting green tea (yeah… I worked that one out from the headaches).

It was a lot of money, but after struggling with my health for years now I feel it was worth it to me. I feel very empowered about my health.

The biggest change I’ve made so far is to do more exercise. I love yoga dearly but I’m doing a lot more walking, bouncing on my rebounder, weights etc now. Which is good, I’m really enjoying it and loving feeling more strong.

I don’t love the recommendations to eat fish oil, deep sea fish and eggs. I am looking into alternatives for these, but I really don’t want to be on 5 different supplements, which is what its looking like at the moment.

What do you think?

Would you get your Gene Profile done? Have you gotten it done and loved it or not so much?

Please note: these were personal recommendations specifically made for me, and are in no way to be considered health advice for you. Please talk with your health care provider or naturopath for recommendations on your health.

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12 comments on “I got my DNA Gene Profile Done! See Results + My Thoughts Here

  1. That’s some pretty cool information to have! I couldn’t afford it, but it seems really useful. I just started taking krill oil supplements, and I have to say they’ve been amazing for me. I’ve taken fish oil before, and never really noticed anything. I’m Celiac, and also tend to get inflammation from a whole wide range of things. Sometimes it’s arthritis in the little bones of my hands and feet, and sometimes it’s pain in places where I once injured myself. It’s a constant struggle to figure out what causes the inflammation, and I was really starting to feel down about it. But I started taking the krill, and almost immediately all of my inflammation went away, and hasn’t come back. It’s been about a week and a half, and I still can’t really believe it. It’s amazing to wake up pain free and not feeling dragged down. I don’t want to say it’s going to be magic for everyone, but it has really made a difference for me so far. I think inflammation is the root cause of most of our diseases, so I’m glad my body is getting a break. Maybe give it a try and see how it goes:)

    • Thats so great thats working for you! I totally get how frustrating it is dealing with health problems and not getting anywhere with it, and how exciting it is when you find something that really works! I believe the omega 3 in deep sea fish oil is what is most helpful for inflammation, hence why it was recommended to me and why its working for you. I may end up doing the fish oil but am looking for plant based alternatives at the moment. I have come across marine phytoplanktin, its a ocean organism similar to sprirulina/chlorella but is supposed to contain the DHA and EPA that fish oil has. I’m going to give that a go and do a blog post on it. Thought you might be interested too! 🙂

  2. My daughter has type 1 diabetes and my other 3 kids have a lot of allergies! Im interested in any and all testing if relevant. I am always looking for the newest news on health. i have tried all the natural vitamins, teas, probiotics, raw food diet, and exercise for me and my kids. I definitely think being vegan and free of the top 8 alergenic foods is the way to go. The vitamins helped a little. exercise is a great help to all aspects of health. Finding the right exercise for each person is hard to do. I would definitely do the gene testing if i had the money but most of the suggestions on there i already follow. I am very interested in the test you can do to see if you will get type one diabetes. I am concerned for my other kids. If you know anything about the diabetes testing please email me. Thanks!

    • Hi Kelly, wow thats a tough one! The suggestions would be different for each individual based on their genes, so it may be worth doing, although very expensive for several kids. I’m not sure what kind of testing that could help for diabetes, but I would definitely visit a naturopath and see what they recommend based on your kids unique health issues – I am sure there are answers out there for you! x

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I think the recommandations are almost the same for everyone around my age. And as you say, I would also avoid fish, fish oil and eggs. Choline is linked to cancer…, fish too. I wouldn’t take such a test, but I try to follow all the best recommandations to keep my genes on the right track. I think you do it very well too! ( excuse my french english…)

  4. Fascinated with your profile – full of very helpful information – This is the first I have heard of the Gene Profile. I have inflammation happening for a while now and doctors have not been able to locate the source(s). I would definitely be interested in doing a DNA Gene Profile myself. Bless you for sharing!

  5. Oh I LOVE this!! I’ve had mineral hair analysis done before which I found super helpful. Will have to see if there’s someone in town that can do DNA gene profiling! I know the naturopath I see is super passionate about DNA testing so fingers crossed he knows someone!

    Thanks so much for sharing.

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