Is Your Deodorant Slowly Poisoning You?

DIY Deodorant

I have just finished reading The Gerson Therapy by Charlotte Gerson, and I have never been so enthralled in a non-fiction book in my life! I have endless notes, dog-eared pages and am carrying this book around with me, slowly incorporating all of the Gerson lifestyle changes.

Yep, I’m doing 13 juices a day, 2-3 enemas a day, endless salads, soups, baked potatoes and cooked veg. I am saving my pennies for the Norwalk juicer, but am getting by with an Oscar Neo. I am actually loving it so far – who knew coffee enemas were so fun? I get through so much reading and catch up on my IIN course modules!

I have also given up wearing deodorant – even the organic, health food store stuff. Heres why.

Your skin is your largest organ that absorbs every single thing you put on it, and quickly too. Regular deodorants, sprays and perfumes are full of all kinds or wacky, hard-to-pronounce chemicals that are extremely bad for our health and adding to our toxic load – they are definitely a no-no.

But what about organic, health food store deodorants? Sure, they are usually free of aluminium and mercury, and they may lack all or most of the wackadoo chemicals of the regular stuff, BUT they are still blocking the bodies natural process of toxin elimination, literally.

And so what happens if the toxins can’t be eliminated through perspiration? They will be reabsorbed back into the body in fat deposits. The closest neighbour to your arm pits with juicy fat deposits ready to hold the toxins is your breast area, for men as well. Charlotte Gerson proposes that this is reason that we have such a high incidence of breast cancer, and an ever increasing incidence of breast cancer in men.

Makes sense, yeah?

Stinky pits means your body is working extra hard to get rid of those toxins – and this is THE worst time to get in the way of that process.

So when healing and detoxifying, it’s likely that you will experience smelly, extra sweating and/or night sweats. Take this as a good sign that the body is functioning properly, and that you are getting rid of those toxins.

As well as avoiding toxic substances, an excellent way to reduce the smell and toxic load in your body while your are detoxifying is coffee enemas, which efficiently help sweep out toxins from the body. And they aren’t nearly as scary as they sound, I promise! More on that another day

In Charlotte’s own words:

“ When the body attempts to detoxify, one must absolutely not interfere by stopping or blocking this perspiration! Blocking the underarm passages will return the toxic materials into the lymphatic system around the chest and shoulders, and increase the chance for breast cancer – even in men!”

If you’re not ready to go deodorant commando, then you can try this simple DIY deo.

DIY Deodorant
A simple, easy DIY deodorant recipe - no nasties or chemicals!
  1. Combine all ingredients in a small jar or container.
  2. To use, dip your finger with a little bit of the mix and apply to your underarm. Wait a few minutes for it to dry on your skin before getting dressed.


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12 comments on “Is Your Deodorant Slowly Poisoning You?

  1. I make my own deodorant exactly like that. Why are you following Gerson Therapy? I’m intrigued. I have recently been loaded the Tribest Green star Elite juicer to review for my blog but I was thinking of buying the Oscar Neo- how do you find it, is it quick and easy to clean up (for a lazy girl like me!) 🙂

    • I’m doing Gerson to heal from the Celiac, my body is not absorbing nutrition because the celiac messed up my small intestines. Gerson has been really helpful so far, especially the juices. I really like the oscar neo, I do have to strain the green juices which is a little bit of a pain. I find the cleanup pretty quick – although it tends to get that ‘residue’ stuck on it and thats hard to get off. I did a lot of research and thought it was the best one in its price range 🙂

  2. Do you have a recipe for a coffee enema? How long do you plan on doing 2-3 per day?

    I have been using a natural salt stone for a bit over a year. At first, there was some mild odor only if I worked out hard and deliberately did a “smell check” I gave it a few weeks and never detect any odor. Believe me, my husband would complain if there was any detection of an off odor. He is actually amazed I can go deodorant free and be smell free.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Shawna, check out this video here: – thats the recipe I follow but I do 9 Tbsp in 1 Litre of water, not 6. I find this gives me enough for 3 enemas – you need 3 Tbsp of coffee per enema. Highly recommend reading the Gerson Therapy book (link in the post) as it explains it all really well. I will keep doing 2-3 per day until my toxicity goes down (I get tests done from my naturopath) and I have recovered, probably at least 6 months. I’ve never heard of a salt stone, will have to look into it! 🙂

  3. Shae, just to clarify – will the DIY recipe above still allow some kind of purging of toxins? Or does that only happen if you go completely commando 🙂 ?

  4. “Makes sense, yeah?”. Um, no. There is absolutely no evidence deoderant causes breast cancer and I think it’s pretty harmful to spread misinformation like this. I’m not saying deoderant is good for you, but making serious claims like that without any evidence to back it up is not good.

    • If you read what I actually wrote, you will see that I simply said Charlotte Gerson proposes that it causes breast cancer – thats her opinion, straight from her book that I’m sharing: “Charlotte Gerson proposes that this is reason that we have such a high incidence of breast cancer, and an ever increasing incidence of breast cancer in men.” If you read The Gerson Therapy you will find more information in there.

  5. I think you mean Anti-perspirants which contain aluminum that acts clogging up your sweat glands. Deodorants let you perspire and natural deodorants will only add fragrance to your sweat. You just have to be careful that the deodorants dont have other sinthetic chemicals or petroleum derivatives. I have been using Aubrey Organics line of products for over 20 years. 🙂

    • I think the same. I’ve always understood it as the deodorants with anti-perspirant block the sweat so I switched a while ago to a natural deodorant.

  6. If you are on Gerson therapy, you should note that Baking Soda is strictly forbidden, as it’s a salt, or works on the body the same way as salt.

    That said, coconut oil is also not permitted. Flaxseed oil is the only oil permitted, but of course it does not have the anti-odor properties of coconut oil.

    Cornstarch, arrowroot and tapioca are also not permitted, Oat and Rye are the only grains permitted on Gerson. Rice was okay, but due to its recently being found to be laced with arsenic, I read its use is discouraged, now.

    My own personal deodorant recipe is this:

    1 tsp organic beeswax
    2 TBS organic coconut oil
    2 TBS organic cornstarch
    heat oil & wax until melted, stir well, turn off heat. Add cornstarch, stir well, pour in glass jar.
    Stir again as it cools, since the cornstarch likes to settle.
    Note beeswax is optional.

    I did try using only coconut oil, but I found I felt wet, so some kind of starch powder is necessary (for me).

    I am transitioning into Gerson Therapy, modified protocol for nonmalignant condition. I don’t think I can go without deodorant altogether, but I am not battling cancer.

    Good health to you all!

    • Hi Robin, thanks for your comment. I am aware, but I started Gerson after this post was written and for now don’t use this deodorant recipe. Thanks for the recipe.

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