Morning Protein Smoothie with Brazil Nuts (Dairy Free)

Morning Protein Smoothie

If you make your own almond milk (or want to start), you are going to love this smoothie! We make a few batches of almond milk every week, which Ash uses every morning for his coffees and I make cacao milkshakes with. See here to learn how to make almond milk.

Although fresh almond milk tastes awesome and isn’t that hard to make, it does require some forethought and preparation. You need to soak the almonds overnight, rinse them, blend them and strain them.

But what if you forget to soak the almonds? Well, you’re kind of screwed if you are relying on just fresh almond milk and not cartons.

That’s why I love this smoothie. Brazil nuts make great milk, no soaking or straining required!

I am using this raw, vegan protein powder to help my digestive system recover from the celiac. Protein helps rebuild cells, and while I definitely think a plant based diet is enough protein, I am going to use the extra protein boost to help me heal from the celiac quicker.

This smoothie is so perfect for breakfast and will keep you feeling full for hours! I drink this before my daily green smoothie.

Morning Protein Smoothie with Brazil Nuts (Vegan)
This creamy smoothie is perfect for a filling breakfast, and requires no prep other than freezing bananas!
Serves: 1
  1. Add water, brazil nuts, medjool dates and chia seeds to the blender (I use a Vitamix). Let that soak for about 10 minutes.
  2. Add protein powder, banana, ice and blend.


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8 comments on “Morning Protein Smoothie with Brazil Nuts (Dairy Free)

  1. This smoothie looks delicious! I’ve been making a lot of smoothies lately and this one is next 😉 I love all the ingredients! I usually don’t work with protein powders but my husband happens to have the one you suggest in your recipe (he uses it all the time!) — can’t wait to try it!

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  4. This looks great, however I want to warn that consuming more than 4 brazil nuts a day puts you at risk of selenium toxicity. The upper limit is 400 micrograms a day, 1 brazil nut can contain 50-95 micrograms. Just fyi!

  5. This really does keep you full. I am not vegan and can eat anything, but the recipes look so interesting that I try some of them. This really does keep you full ALL MORNING!! Usually I don’t eat breakfast and will start to get hunger pangs around 11 am. In the future, I will make half the recipe as 1/2 cup of smoothy is just right for me. I couldn’t believe that it contained no added sugar. I put 4 dates in place of the banana due to lack of fruits and it was very sweet. Will use less dates and less of a banana to limit sugar next time

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