My Top 5 Essential Kitchen Tools

Top 5 Kitchen Tools

I like to use minimal kitchen tools and appliances as possible.

Do I really need a whole appliance just to cook a pizza in? Who has that much kitchen space?!

But who am I kidding? I love to cook and I love me some gadgets. However, theres only a few tools that I would consider ‘essentials’ for a healthy kitchen and whipping up quick recipes.

These are my top five recommendations!

blender + juicer

Vitamix or other high speed blender

I love my Vitamix – it is hands down my favourite kitchen tool (besides Mr. juicer). If you are just starting to buy tools for a healthy kitchen, this is where I recommend you start because it’s so versatile. Green smoothies, milkshakes, desserts, sauces, cheeses, soups, dressings – so many uses! Yep, I know its a bit dirty! Time for another good clean.


A juicer isn’t the most handy tool in the kitchen, as it really only does one job: juices. But health-wise, a juicer will have the most impact. For two years I was in sickness limbo, with my body not being able to heal from the celiac disease. It was only when I started juicing like a loon that my body started absorbing nutrition, and finally started healing. I use the Oscar Neo.

food processor

Food Processor

A food processor is the second most handy tool in the kitchen for me, second to the Vitamix – actually it might be tie. It is great for grinding anything, and giving a chunky texture (instead of blending smooth), like you would need in recipes for burgers, falafel, dips etc. I don’t have a brand recommendation as I’m not very happy with the one I have, but when I get around to upgrading it will probably be a Magimix.



A dehydrator is much more useful than you would initially think it is. I make kale chips, wraps, eggplant bacon, coconut yogurt (recipe in Living on The Vedge), activated nuts and so much more. My favorite brand is Excalibur. If you buy your dehydrator through this link you will get free shipping from them! I would kill for one of those 9 tray red ones, haha!

Raw Pasta with Marinara and Marinated Mushrooms Recipe in Living on the Vedge

Raw Pasta with Marinara and Marinated Mushrooms Recipe in Living on the Vedge


It might sound odd to call this an essential, but when you’re rocking the gluten-free pasta, theres no better than some zucchini noodles. A spiralizer is a handy dandy little tool that will allow you to make pasta noodles out of vegetables like zucchini, yellow squash and sweet potato. You can also make curly fries with it (instructions for this along with a Vegan Garlic Aioli recipe are in Living on the Vedge). I use this spiralizer.

Bonus #6: Timer App for your 
A timer app on your phone is a godsend for an avid cook like me. I can throw a timer on and just walk away, getting other things done while my food is cooking away. This is the timer app I use on my iPhone.
Plus a few other essentials…
Good knives, glass jars, glass mixing bowls, a mandolin and a small nut grinder or mini food processor are all essentials.

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One comment on “My Top 5 Essential Kitchen Tools

  1. Wow, I never thought of using the dehydrator to make yogurt! Brilliant. I have everything but the juicer but a friend of mine is curing her Crone’s by juicing.
    Good knives are my absolute favorite and I love ceramic knives. Kyocera makes the best but they can chip easily especially if you don’t store them properly. I bought the Kapoosh Knife Holder so my knives don’t knock around in a drawer. But I also find the Cuisinart brand of ceramic knives are very good and most of those come with an individual case. Once you have ceramic knives you are spoiled forever.

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