Superfood Spotlight: Bex Weller from Vegan Sparkles + Mint Choc Chip Smoothie

Bex Weller

Bex is a holistic health coach, plant-boosted vibrancy maven, and sparkle igniter. Visiting Bex’s website, Vegan Sparkles, is like visiting a colourful vegan wonderland – so bright, bubbly, beautiful and expansive! She’s here in a mission – to help you get your sparkle back with her program, The Sparkle Project. Read the rest of this post »

Superfoodie Spotlight: Rebecca Carden from My Goodness Organics

Rebecca Carden

Rebecca Carden is the busy bee behind My Goodness Organics, a Melbourne based organic meal delivery service – genius right! I wish I lived in Melbourne so I could enjoy all the delicious meals she teases us with on facebook! Check out the facebook page for some healthy eating inspo! Take it away Bec…

I’m Bec, I was originally a one woman show that just loved to cook healthy food and nourish as many people as possible.

Now I have a team of awesome cooks and my beloved partner Warren all working to create something special for you through My Goodness Organics. Read the rest of this post »

What Are Your Gluten-Free Pasta Options?

Gluten Free Pasta Guide

When you remove gluten from your diet, the first few weeks can be pretty stressful as you go through the stages of grieving what was likely the staple of your diet (even though maybe you didn’t realise it!). You will go to make dinner and do a little freak out as you realise all the meals you know how to make, you can’t have any more!

Well heres my super secret tip to making good gluten-free food: find healthy replacements for the foods you used to love. Read the rest of this post »

Roasted Pumpkin + Apple Coconut Soup with Potato Chip Dippers (Vegan + Gluten-Free)

Pumpkin Apple Coconut Soup

Real winter is finally here! You know shit’s getting real when you start making pumpkin soup.

I’ve never been a huge fan of pumpkin soup, or really soup in general – it just doesn’t fill me up or leave me satisfied as a meal on it’s own. But this soup is different.

It’s deeply flavourful, thanks to the slow roasting of the pumpkin + onion + apples. And it’s also satisfying and filling thanks to the coconut milk / cream and potatoes. Read the rest of this post »

Superfoodie Spotlight: Jo Hodson from Including Cake! + Apple and blueberry baked oatmeal


Welcome to my new segment on the blog: Superfoodie Spotlight!

Since I started this blog and during my Health Coaching studies at IIN, I have been meeting so many other amazing healthy foodies – and I had to make sure you got to meet them so they can inspire you too!

Jo Hodson is a fellow student in my Integrative Nutrition class, it was only later that I realised I had started reading her blog waaay before even meeting her through my IIN class! Read the rest of this post »

Cauliflower Rice Sushi (Gluten + Grain Free)

Cauliflower 'Rice' Sushi

Before we get in todays super yummy recipe, I want to share some of the amazing feedback I’ve been getting from my ebook, Living on the Vedge.

Now that it’s has been out in the world for a few months, I’ve been getting some amazing emails coming in from folks who are loving it! I do a little happy dance every time I get a nice comment or email! It means SO much to me that this book is helping people. Read the rest of this post »

Vegan Cauliflower Cheese (Gluten-Free + Dairy Free)

Cauliflower Cheese It is actually starting to get a bit chilly in my little corner of the world! Cloudy days, fuzzy socks, blankets, working in PJ’s, sitting in front of the heater (and wishing it was a fire) and having my cat sleep on my 24/7 – yep, this is definitely my favourite time of the year! And that’s before we even get to talking about the delicious warming comfort foods that winter brings us.

The cold doesn’t last too long here, so we have to make the most of it. Read the rest of this post »

My Top 5 Essential Kitchen Tools

Top 5 Kitchen Tools

I like to use minimal kitchen tools and appliances as possible.

Do I really need a whole appliance just to cook a pizza in? Who has that much kitchen space?!

But who am I kidding? I love to cook and I love me some gadgets. However, theres only a few tools that I would consider ‘essentials’ for a healthy kitchen and whipping up quick recipes.

These are my top five recommendations!

blender + juicer

Vitamix or other high speed blender

I love my Vitamix – it is hands down my favourite kitchen tool (besides Mr. Read the rest of this post »

Raw Chocolate Caramel Turtles, Two Ways (Vegan + GF)

Raw Turtles

I’m gonna say a few words that I know you’re going to love: Chocolate. Caramel. Pecans. Easy. Quick.

Have I piqued your interest yet? I hope so, because I don’t want you to miss out on these!

They are so fricken easy, and so fricken yummy! Get on ‘em…

Raw Turtles

And you have a few options to make them, depending on what you like and what you’ve got in your cupboard. Tip: making both is a really good option!

Raw Turtles

So take your pick…

Raw Chocolate Turtle Recipe #1…

Raw Chocolate Caramel Turtles #1
Prep time
Total time
Raw chocolate turtles with a caramel filling made with almond butter, coconut nectar and coconut oil.
Read the rest of this post »

If You’re Waiting for the Perfect Time, It’s Now

Perfect Time

Honesty time:

There is no future time or place when everything is going to be perfect for you to finally ‘be happy’.

I know your reaction to that sentence – “but she doesn’t know my situation”. Ruh Roh. Once more with feeling:

There is no future time or place when everything is going to be perfect for you to finally ‘be happy’.

Are you waiting for that one thing (or five things) in your life to be “fixed” before you can be happy? Read the rest of this post »

Coconut Water Chocolate Thickshake (Raw + Vegan)

coconut thickshake

I know I promised you a recipe using the coconut oil chocolate this week, but when I went to make it I discovered I only had 5 pecans left – the star of the recipe I was planning (I swear this happens to me every time I go to make something, always one ingredient I’m out of). So we’ll both have to wait until next week for that yumminess! But I’ll give you a little hint: its going to be a very caramely week. Read the rest of this post »

Coconut Oil Chocolate Bar (Basic Raw Choc Recipe // Raw + Vegan + Dairy-Free)

Raw Chocolate BarRemember the other day I told you Ash and I were fighting of a bacteria infection? Well I made us a batch of this chocolate that we munched on all week (okay I pretty much ate the whole thing to myself, Ash isn’t big on chocolate). Why? Because coconut oil is anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, making it the perfect food to be eating craploads of when your fighting off a bacteria infection, along with turmeric and any probiotic foods like homemade coconut yogurt and sauerkraut. Read the rest of this post »