Chewy Almond Butter Cookies (Gluten Free, Vegan, 5 Ingredients!)

Gluten Free Almond Butter Cookies

I’m baaaaaack! And jumping with excitement! I missed you guys!

After taking a few weeks off over Christmas & New Years to completely switch off and take a much needed break, I’m so ready and excited to jump into 2014! I have so many projects & plans going on right now, and I can’t wait to share them all with you! Read the rest of this post »

Crispy Coated Tofu “Chick’n” Fillets / Burger Patties (Gluten Free, Egg Free + Vegan!)

Tofu Fillets

It’s not often that I eat tofu, I consider it as kind of a treat when I do. The whole soy issue is questionable to say the least, so I tend to stay on the safe side and only eat it on occasion.

So when I’m cooking with tofu I like to make it into a healthy version of take out food. It’s the closest I can come to take out food these days!

There is always a way to create a healthy version of whatever food your craving, sometimes you just have to get a little creative! Read the rest of this post »

Grilled Eggplant Cannelloni with Feta Spinach Filling and Tomato Cream Sauce (Vegan + GF)

Eggplant Canneloni

The photos do not do this justice! This recipe was a challenge to capture in photos.

The flavours in this are so perfectly combined! I’m pretty proud of this one ;)

The quick vegan feta cheese is so delicious with sautéed onions and wilted spinach.

Then we wrap that in flavourful grilled eggplant, which I admit I was snacking on just on its own – and I didn’t even think I liked eggplant!

Topped with a tomato cream sauce that you won’t believe is made from real tomatoes (not a can! Read the rest of this post »

Vegan Caesar Salad (+ Gluten Free) – Still as Indulgent as the Original


I feel like I haven’t been sharing nearly as many recipes as I would like to with you lately!

I’ve been working on this book like a crazy person lately, making about 3-4 recipes a day (creating, testing, testing & re-testing), as well as photographing, editing, keeping up with my design work and studying. Phew!

And every time I come up with a recipe idea, I really want to put it into the book so I can pack in as much value for you as I can. Read the rest of this post »

Easy Bean & Corn Fajitas + Guacamole


Okay guys, I’ve got a little something to tell you!

I have been working behind the scenes on it for months and months now, and I can’t really keep it a secret anymore because I am SO EXCITED and because theres not really much point to it being a secret any more!! :)

I am working on a cookbook for all of you my lovely readers. It will be in ebook/PDF format (perhaps one day even in print?).

I’ve been working so hard on this thing for months now on the recipe development, testing, photographing, designing and editing – and I’m only about halfway through. Read the rest of this post »

How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds + Flavouring Ideas

pumpkin seeds

Happy Halloween party people!

Halloween isn’t really a big thing over here, no one really celebrates it, although it is getting better year by year. So it’s actually pretty dang exciting to find a organic carving pumpkin at the local health food shop – I had never even seen one in real life before until earlier this week!

Me and Ash celebrate halloween by watching a bunch of not-scary scary movies, like the Scream trilogy (one of my faves). I can’t watch actually scary movies, like all the recent paranormal-saw-weird crap that I can’t believe anyone actually enjoys. Read the rest of this post »