Raw Walnut Taco Meat (Vegan + Gluten Free)

Raw Walnut Taco Meat

Doesn’t raw food look amazing? Fresh, vibrant, colourful & living. This recipe not only looks amazing, but tastes amazing, and it tastes surprisingly like mince meat with taco seasoning. The texture is pretty spot on too. This is a great meal to dip your toes into raw foods because it so simple, no fuss and no dehydrator. It’s also a great weeknight raw meal you already know your stuff!


I’ve been doing this blog for almost a year now, and I think these are my favorite photos of a recipe yet. The colours!


Most people seem to serve raw mexican up with a raw sour cream sauce. But I chose to make a raw cheese sauce instead, because you can just never have enough raw cheese (well maybe you could, but I’ll eat it every chance I get)! I will be sharing this raw cheese sauce Friday, so make sure you sign up to the newsletter to get it straight to your inbox.


What I love most about raw food is how it makes you want to take care of yourself in so many other ways as well. It makes me want to do more yoga and meditate, and it just makes me feel really light and good. And on the other side of that, doing more yoga and meditation makes me want to eat more raw food! It all works together.

Raw Walnut Taco Meat (Vegan + Gluten Free)
This raw taco meat tastes surprisingly like mince meat with taco seasoning. This is a delicious and light raw meal that is easy to put together. Serve with simple cheese sauce & guacamole.
  1. Throw everything in the food processor and process until the texture of mince meat (roughly ground).
For the tacos you will need lettuce for wraps, tomato, avocado, red onion and cilantro/coriander (optional).



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18 comments on “Raw Walnut Taco Meat (Vegan + Gluten Free)

  1. hey shae,
    where do you get chipoltle? i can’t find it anywhere. (i’m on the mornington peninsula.)
    great blog, jo.

    • Hi Jo, you should be able to get it in the dried spices section. If you can’t find it, cayenne is also good. Or you could buy it online. I like to buy that kind of stuff at iherb.com

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  5. Natural Grocers sells the Chipotle spice powder in their bulk section very affordable and DELICIOUS on anything savory!!! I am hooked in it!!

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