Stove Top Popcorn (No Microwave or Popcorn Maker Necessary!)


Ash and I love going to the movies. Watching a movie at the theaters is a totally different experience than watching them at home. We recently saw one of our all time favourite movies, Back to the Future at the theatre. We were unlucky enough to miss out when it first was released in 1985, as I wouldn’t be born for 5 years, and Ash for 3.

Another reason to love the movies: the smell of popcorn. It’s integral to the movie experience.

We always go with my sister and her husband. Every time we go, my sister orders a giant bucket of popcorn and frozen coke and calls it dinner. I used to get a bucket of popcorn too. And then I found out I couldn’t eat gluten or dairy anymore. Plus, I started this whole ‘healthy eating’ thing. Sad face.

Then I discovered you could make your own popcorn very easily in the microwave. And then I found out how bad microwaves are, and sold ours. Sad face again.

It’s hard to go to the movies and smell the popcorn, but not be able to eat it – yep, sometimes I feel sorry for myself.

But don’t worry, this story has a happy ending.

Did you know that you can make popcorn on the stove?  It’s super easy. And, it’s not even that bad for you, if you use organic popcorn kernels (which by the way, are very cheap from the bulk foods section). Make sure you use organic popcorn kernels, because otherwise your eating GMO corn.

So now before we go to the movies, I make a batch of this popcorn, throw it into a paper bag (these bags are an excellent choice if you hate plastic), and hide it in my purse. Yep, I feel like a total dork, but I’m being healthy and saving money, so everyone else can suck it!

If you really want to make it a true movie experience, you also need some chocolate. Throw some choc chips into your bag of popcorn (yes, chocolate + salt = amazing), or take these raw chocolate truffles.

So here you have it, a cheap snack you can make in just 5 minutes with 3 ingredients. Win win win 😉

Stove Top Popcorn (No Microwave Necessary!)
Cook time
Total time
Make popcorn on the stove - no microwave or popcorn make required!
Serves: 2
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  1. In a large, deep saucepan, heat oil and add 3 popcorn kernels and cover with the lid.
  2. Once you hear that the kernels have popped, add in the rest of the kernels
  3. Cover with lid, remove from heat and count 30 seconds (so all the kernels heat up at the same time and pop together)
  4. Return to heat.
  5. The kernels should soon start popping. Gently shake the saucepan so the un-popped kernels fall to the bottom. Keep the lid slightly ajar so the kernels are crispy.
  6. Once the popping slows down to one every few seconds, remove from heat and quickly transfer the popcorn to a bowl. Add salt.
  7. To make butter popcorn, and a few Tbsp of butter to the hot saucepan and melt. Add the salt. Add the popcorn to the pan and put the lid on, shaking the pan so it all combines.

 What are your favourite movie snacks?

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