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  1. Wow, amazing blog. Its hard to find GF Vegan recipes, and as a celiac I got a lot of problems to figure out how cook more shuffle vegan food when all the market is made of seitan. But this was a inspiration for becoming a cook. If u want we can share recipes.

    • Hi Sue, I know its really difficult. Every recipe I come across I have to change. And I can’t eat oats as well (as most celiacs can’t) so even ‘gluten free’ recipes have to be adapted! Hope you enjoy the recipes on the blog. Feel free to send recipes through the contact form πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Shae, I am a type 2 diabetic with a wheat intolerance. I do not have celiac disease. I also avoid all dairy. Really looking forward to new recipes and ideas!!!

    • Hi Kristine, so glad to have you on board and I hope you find recipes to help you manage the diabetes. Good luck with your wellness journey! πŸ™‚

  3. So excited to finally find recipes that fit into my gluten/dairy free lifestyle. Recipes look great and I think my husband will even enjoy them!

  4. I’ve been vegetarian for over 18 years now, but my mother (as of 3 years ago) found out she is gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant, and of all things, allergic to corn and potatoes. She also doesn’t care for meat-she never did. On her behalf, I’m always looking for new recipes to help her out, and I also HATE to bake. So, I’m grateful for the recipes I’ve seen on your blog, as well as the health awareness of ingredients that don’t do us any favors (ex: sugar). Looking forward to getting more yummy saving recipes for my mom, and enjoying them myself!

    • Hi Natalie, wow thats a of allergies/intolerances/preferences to take into consideration! I hope you find some recipes here that tick all your boxes πŸ™‚

  5. Glad that I found you for vegan GF. Also, I just learned that I allergic to Apples/ Pears. Also, I need your help. I have been hard time to lose weight.

  6. just came across this site! so excited to look through your recipes. the lasagna looks fab! i wijll be putting the link on my fb page DaisyDots aprons. please stop by and like my page xoxo

  7. Hi, I’m a Coeliac and also have a lactose, oat and chocolate intolerance. It’s difficult to find a variety of good recipes that don’t include any of the above. I’m always adapting recipes to fit. It’s refreshing to see others have multiple food intolerances. It would be nice if manufacturers of gluten free products realised a lot of Coeliacs also have a problem with dairy and oats. Thank you for such great recipes.

    • Hi Linda, I know how you feel! Not many people out there who cater for celiacs who can’t do oats & dairy! Hopefully you find a lot of useful recipes here, and I hope the carob substitute works for you in the chocolate recipes πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Shae! so glad to have discovered your most helpful recipe blog. Would like very much to take a look at “The 5 most Popular Recipes” offer but the link on this page does not work for me. Is there somewhere else on your site that I could go to access this download? Thanks!

      • Thanks so much, Shae! I’m going to try all five recipes, for sure. Last evening, I served the Eggplant Lasagna and while it didn’t quite look as colourful as yours did in the pictures posted, the taste was just AWEsome! Impatient as I am, but also because I like my food piping hot, I burnt the inside of my mouth as you predicted, but it was sooo worth it. Thank You!!!

  9. I’m so excited to find you. I’m allergic to dairy, gluten intolerant and a vegan (because I think eating meat is inhumane). In addition, I’ve voluntarily given up processed, refined, white sugar because it’s toxic and causes a heart-damaging inflammatory process in the human body. Therefore, it’s really difficult for me to find tasty, healthy, nutritious recipes. I’ve found so many wonderful recipes on this site that I can hardly wait to try them out. My two favorites are the Almond Cookies and the Crispy Tofu. Thank you so much! You’ve changed my life!

  10. Hi Shae, just found your ws. I was searching for gf almond butter cookies recipee, can’t wait to try it. I will substitute the maple syrup for Xylatol. I have MS so im real careful, no sugar,dairy, wheat/gluten, no red meat, no corn, potatoes or anything with a high GI. Thank you for sharing all these recipes, can’t wait to explore more.

  11. thank you ! i begin to follow yuo today ! I’m italian i don’t know english very well but i try to improve it !

  12. This looks great. I’ve been gluten-free / dairy free for more than 20 years. I’ve adapted a lot of recipes and continue to just make stuff up in the kitchen but am excited when I find good food that I can prepare by following a recipe “as is”. Thank you! : )

  13. I am looking forward to receiving recipes. Are they all gluten-free though. I don’t have a problem with gluten

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