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  1. Shae … I stumbled onto your site and love your spirit, your creativity and your lovely simplified imaginative recipes … I was looking for lactofermented garlic and your recipe seems too good to be true … everything I’ve seen requires certain lids and scales to measure the salt and other gadgets … you just throw a tea towel over the jar and you didn’t mention a lid over that … it can’t just sit out on the counter for 3-4 weeks without a lid … can it? I’ve never done it and I’m concerned about bacteria or the jar exploding … will a mason jar work? … I have plastic lids … I so appreciate your help with this project … many thanks and I wish you all the best … anna

    • Hi Anna, Yes I just use a clean tea towel to keep pests out and no lid. The trick is keeping the garlic submerged under the brine – if theres garlic sticking out it will definitely attract mold and bad bacteria. Under the brine it will develop the good bacteria that you want from the fermentation process. Theres no risk of the jar exploding if theres no lid on – if you use a lid then you need to leave a few inches between the brine and the top as it does expand. I’m not sure about what type of lids are okay as I don’t use lids in my fermentation projects. I hope that all helps 🙂

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