The Shift – In 2 Hours Your Perspective on Life, Meaning & Purpose Will Change

The Shift

Health is so much more than just the food we eat.

Firstly, what is the point in being healthy if you are not happy and enjoying life? And secondly, can you be completely healthy if you are not happy, and living in a place of gratitude, purpose and meaning? My experience has taught me that no, you can’t. You will be seeing a lot more about the other facets to being healthy on the blog in the future – and I am so excited to share this stuff with you guys!

A few weeks ago I posted about how I was feeling a little stuck, and the changes both the blog and I are going through. The lovely Vedge reader María shared with me a video from Wayne Dyer called The Shift. It took me a few weeks to watch the video, but once I started watching I was hooked on every word Wayne Dyer said. This guy is brilliant.

My perspective completely shifted about why I was doing this blog. Why I create recipes. Why I am into health and healing. It started as just a project for myself, and something that I loved doing.

But now? It’s about you guys, and how I can best serve you. Ever since my mind made this shift, my creative juices have been flowing and I’ve coming up with amazing ideas that I know you guys will love, and will help you.

Thats not the only change I made since watching this. I have enrolled in a nutrition course (at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition), and I have quit a freelance job that wasn’t really serving me, or in line with what I wanted to be doing. In other words, I feel like I am completely on purpose, and finally moving forward.

My gratitude for everything has been lifted.

Yes, this movie has changed all of that for me, and I hope it will an impact on your life as well. And hey, Portia de Rossi is in it!

I have to also mention, I am very logical, reasoning, science and fact based, and the ‘A’ word might have even been thrown around to describe me (oh gosh don’t make me say it – fine, atheist!). But I do know that you thoughts determine your happiness, and your health – and there’s a whole bunch of science to prove it, check out Mind Over Medicine by Lissa Rankin if you love the science and fact stuff like me (this is the book I’m currently reading).

It’s taken me a while to open up to this stuff, but now that I have I am completely into it!

I had this post in my head to write in the next few weeks, but decided to move it up to this week, because I just got a newsletter from Hay House for a 70% off sale until the 9th September. That means you can buy The Shift in online video format for just $1.98 US, here. A $1.98, guys!

You can also buy the DVD on Amazon, here. I bought two DVDs, one for me to keep and re-watch every few months and one to give away as a gift. There is also a book companion to the movie if you’re more into reading.

You can also find the movie online on a certain video sharing site, although I won’t link to it out of respect to Wayne Dyer & copyright. And I really think its worth $1.98 to get access to it.

Watch the trailer:

Here’s the trailer for the movie, although I really don’t think the trailer does it justice to how good it really is.

I am going to buy his book Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life too. I will report back with a review when I finish it!

Tomorrow I will finally be sharing a new recipe – hooray! Make sure you come back and check it out – it’s a good one.

So, have you seen this movie? Did it change your life? Do you love Wayne Dyer?

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4 comments on “The Shift – In 2 Hours Your Perspective on Life, Meaning & Purpose Will Change

  1. Oh I love Wayne Dyer, great blog post! I listen to his ‘I Am’ meditation almost every day. Here’s to feeling on purpose:).

  2. Ohhh congrats on all the amazing new changes in your life! Esp enrolling in IIN! I’ve signed up to their newsletters until I can start & let me tell you, it’s so hard to wait!!

  3. I have been without any time to answer this post!!!! So happy to see that the shift get to you!!! That`s why I love Internet, you can share all the good things! And when the heart is ready everything comes! 😀
    I get to the shift in my class of Tao wich I practice here in Buenos Aires. I bet there must be Tao practices in your place. Is something you have to try at list once in a life!!! Best for you and thaks for making and sharing all this love! María Eva.

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