The Ultimate Raw Vegan Brownies (+ Gluten Free!)

Raw Brownies

Maybe you have seen some version of these brownies floating around the food blogs. I’ve tried many different versions of these. Different amounts of dates, cacao, other additions. Walnuts vs. pecans. So after much trial and error, you can bet that these are the best version of raw brownies you can find.

Raw Brownies

You can use walnuts here if you can’t find pecans, but pecans definitely make for a better brownie. I can’t exactly put my finger on why. Maybe the texture? It definitely tastes richer with the pecans. Maybe you can do some brownie experimenting and see which one you like best.

I love that the only sweetener in these is medjool dates, no sugar induced heart racing here. But they are still very sweet, one bite of these is enough dessert for me. Yep, they last awhile in our fridge because they are so rich!

The Ultimate Raw Vegan Brownies (+ Gluten Free!)
Perfectly rich and decadent raw brownie recipe.
  1. In the food processor, process the pecans until they are a roughly ground flour texture.
  2. Add cacao powder and salt and process again to combine (make sure the lid is on properly so you don't breathe in the cacao powder cloud).
  3. Add medjool dates and combine until a ball forms.
  4. If you want a more fluffy, airy brownie rather than a dense one, process the pecans less and medjool dates left, stopping before a ball forms.
  5. In a small pan or container, press the brownie mixture down. Sprinkle cacao nibs on top.
  6. Freeze for a few hours to harden and set.
  7. Store in the fridge or freezer (I like the freezer better).
For a fudgier brownie, try adding 1-2 Tbsp of liquid sweeter such as maple syrup or coconut nectar.

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18 comments on “The Ultimate Raw Vegan Brownies (+ Gluten Free!)

    • Any food processor should do- if you mix long enough, they should form into a ball. I use a Cuisinart food processor.

  1. just fyi – a sugar molecule is a sugar molecule. whether it comes from a date or refined sugar, the effect on your blood sugar levels (and hence heart rate) are exactly the same. I recognize there are other valid reasons dates are better than sugar, but just wanted to address blood sugar levels since that seems to be a pretty common misunderstanding.

    • I had a gastric bypass 5 years ago. I can’t eat sugar (I get REALLY sick) but I can eat dates and honey. There is something to be said for natural fruit sugar versus cane sugar.

  2. A sugar molecule is a sugar molecule argument is only relevant if you’re already ill… such as with diabetes. If you’re healthy and health conscious you know that the difference between fruit juice or dates as sweetener as opposed to the nutritionally empty calories in refined sugars is the difference between health and disease.

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  5. I have a huge allergy to chocolate is carob powder an equal substitute. I would love to try the brownies. Nice treats are hard to find.

    • Hi Linda, sorry I am not sure, I don’t use carob so couldn’t tell you if it would be an equal sub. If you do try it out, please let us know if it works for you 🙂

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